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Maintaining the health of your trees from small urban properties to large rural farms. Pruning is a selective removal of dead or overgrown branches, reducing hazards from overgrown trees/bushes, and improving appearance. Pruning for safety requires any removal of branches that could cause injury or damage and reducing hazard from branches that grow too close to power lines. Any branches that cross over or rub together are also removed. When pruning for the health of the tree, dead or infested branches are removed or trimmed and encourages the tree’s structure and growth. Regular pruning can maintain and improve tree health and promote growth and fruitfulness. Pruning trees will also enhance the form of the tree and improve the appearance of your property, with tidy landscaping.

Tree Trimming

Our qualified team trim trees to keep them away from roads, powerlines and buildings. Large trees growing near power lines can be a big problem, and you are responsible for any trees on your property near power lines. Contact Waikato Tree Services now if you have any queries regarding trees near power lines or general tree trimming services.

Tree Removal

We offer tree felling and removal for all sizes of trees. We also provide a stump grinding service. Tree removal is usually a last resort, however in some cases it must be removed. We can safely remove and dismantle trees from any location whether it is confined or a wide open space. Once the tree is cut down and dismantled we usually grind logs and branches, clearing the site from any debris. Waikato Tree Services are experienced experts in tree removal, safely working amongst hazards.

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